Zombie City

#1 in the Tale of Tom Zombie series

“My name is Tom Dexter. Some call me Tom Zombie. I contracted a virus – the Zombie virus they call it now; an epidemic with a deadly strain that’s creating killer zombies. This damn virus cost me my career, my family, and it’s gonna take my life.

I was a Chicago police officer for 18 years, but when symptoms of my virus appeared they just fired my ass. Can’t have no zombie-lookin’ cops walkin’ around, now can we? Oh, I was no angel, but my partner was just plain dirty. Maybe I covered for him one too many times, but after I got canned he finally got caught. He thinks I ratted him out and took his stash of money. Now he’s got my daughter, and before this virus kills me I’ve got to save her. And if any crazy killer zombies get in my way… they’re toast!”


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