Tom Zombie in the Flesh December 7, 2017 – Posted in: Books, Fiction, Short Story, video, Zombie

December 2017—

I’ve been working on the fifth installment in the Tom Zombie series for a long time—a crazy long time, in fact. Far too much editing and over-thinking, leads to tossing out ideas in favor of different ones all in hopes of following a story path that readers will appreciate.

As I go through my process, I tend to ask questions of my characters. Would they behave in a certain way? Is this, or that, feasible? How does the character feel during a certain event?

Much of the time, all those questions lead to more questions with few answers producing a case of writer’s block. Then, late one night, that block sparked an idea to bring Tom Zombie to life for my readers; beyond the pages of the story. Create Tom Zombie in the flesh, as it were. What a feat that would be. But how could I do that?

Well, with some help from my very gracious wife, a few online tutorials, and after several weeks of filming and editing, I was able to produce a short video of me coming face-to-face with Tom Zombie! Although, it was a fun learning experience, make no mistake that it was true procrastination in the face of writer’s block. However, I felt good about it because it was still a creative effort in the pursuit of telling the Tom Zombie story.

I hope the video adds to your enjoyment of the series, and I hope to release the next installment in early 2018. Be sure to sign up for my mailing list (enter your info at the bottom of this page) to know when #5 in the Tom Zombie series, Zombie Survival, will be available.