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The Tale of Tom Zombie

Sometimes adversity can create an unlikely hero.

The Tale of Tom Zombie is a fast paced short story series that’s intended to be a quick, fun read, like tuning in to watch episodes of your favorite TV show.

Join the shambling masses who have downloaded this series and follow the former Chicago cop who will stop at nothing for one last shot at redemption. Tom Dexter (a.k.a. Tom Zombie) has only three things left in this God forsaken world: a daughter, a conscience, and a deadly virus.

This saga has it all — zombie carnage, crooked cops, intrigue, kidnapping, government conspiracies,… even Nazis!

I’ve planned to have a total of six episodes in the series, each leading up to the dramatic conclusion you won’t want to miss!

When it comes to zombies, others stagger — this one’s got swagger.


Meet the Characters Who's Who in Tom Zombie's World

Tom Character

a.k.a. Tom Zombie. Former Chicago cop kicked off the force after he contracted the Zombie Virus. As the virus spreads throughout the city, Tom is thrown into a world of chaos, terror, and intrigue he never imagined. He’s lost his job, his wife, and he’s trying not to lose his daughter. In a world turned upside down the only thing Tom has left is one last shot at redemption.

Jef Character

U.S. navy pilot and sole survivor at the Keflavik Naval Air Base in Iceland. When Tom Dexter arrived in Iceland the last person he wanted to trust was anyone associated with the military, but what choice did he have? Find out in Zombie Redemption.

Jemma-Mark Character

In Zombie Lies, Tom meets comic book store owner Jemma Straight, a savvy Brit who’s suffering from the same strain of the Zombie virus as Tom. Jemma and her friend Mark help Tom uncover a government conspiracy.

Holly Character

Holly Dexter is Tom’s estranged daughter and the only thing her father cares about in this crazy, godforsaken, virus riddled world. Through the chaos, Holly comes into her own, becoming quite capable of taking care of herself when faced with flesh-craving zombies.

Fleming Character

Major Fleming has delusions of grandeur with a penchant for stopping at nothing to make the United States the ultimate superpower, even if that means killing innocent people in the process. Tom discovers that Major Fleming is the key to a government conspiracy that unleashed the Zombie Virus on the world.

Norton Character

Tom and Roger were partners on the Chicago Police Department. They weren’t angels by any means, but after Tom was kicked off the force, Roger’s corruption continued. He soon finds himself unwittingly mixed up with Major Fleming’s nefarious dealings, and in way over his head. Betrayal is his only way out.

The Tale of Tom Zombie Series Trailer